The Ruby Glow

An orgasmic hands-free experience!

Ruby Glow packaging


The award winning Ruby Glow is a new saddle-style vibrator. It’s non-penetrative and hands-free, making it ideal for women who  are looking for new ways to orgasm or those seeking an alternative to traditional sex toys. You simply pop it on your chair between your legs and grind your way to orgasmic joy on the vibrating pads. You can ride with your clothes on but it’s skin safe for full body contact.

Ruby Glow truly believes in ‘orgasms for all’ and this toy is great for women with reduced mobility, weakness or pain.

Manufactured by Rocks Off, where every sex toy comes with a 12 month guarantee, you can be sure of the quality and attention to  your pleasure.

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The Ruby Glow came second in the Good Housekeeping’s annual vibrator reviews and was declared ‘Revolutionary’ for disabled users by sex expert Tracey Cox on ITV’s This Morning.

Read this article in the Metro by Violet Fenn – Why Disability Shouldn’t Limit Your Sex Life  – see why Ruby Glow believes in Orgasms for All!

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Ruby Glow’s inventor Tabitha Rayne tells you all about it:


Winner of the Sign Magazine Most Innovative New Toy 2016 Award

Most Innovative New Toy Ruby Glow

Nominated Most Innovative New Product 2016 Erotic Trade Only Awards

Ruby Glow ETO award nominee

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Tabitha Rayne, author and inventor:

“I wanted a vibrator I could use while writing saucy erotica on my computer and quickly realised that this shape was something that could be used by many women. Perhaps you don’t like phallic sex toys, or you have weakness in your wrists, mobility issues or you simply can’t reach to operate a traditional sex toy.  I sometimes suffer from arthritis and back pain so being able to sit on Ruby Glow without having to lean over or reach down made a big difference to me.” Read more on Tabitha’s blog

Ways to use your Ruby Glow

Whilst being design to pleasure the seated lady, the Ruby Glow has also been used creatively in other ways to satisfy several ladies through non-penetration.

  • The traditional hands free pose: Nestled on your chair between your legs while you sit at your desk with your hands otherwise occupied. The Ruby Glow sits snugly in place anchored by your
    pubic bone to allow you to move and grind to your own rhythm without anything slipping out of place. The rear vibrating mound applies pressure to your vaginal entrance/perineum to give a full sensation without penetration. To the front is a ribbed vibrating stimulator for you to press your clitoral area into. The control buttons are also to the front for easy access.
  • The traditional pose with added finger action:
    The Ruby Glow can also help with adding pressure to the clitoris in a seated pose. Simply place your fingers between your body and the front hump to increase and intensify the pressure of your natural clitoral masturbation.
  • The reverse hands free pose: Gain even more sensation by spreading your legs and facing the back of your chair with the
    Ruby Glow in place. This pose allows you to rock and grind more freely against the durable vibrating areas.
  • The reclining lady: For days when you have time to spend lying down for self-exploration, the Ruby Glow can be held and used in
    the same way you would use your bullet for clitoral stimulation. It has the added bonus of a large vibrating area which can be placed wherever you feel needs it most. Because there is a dip in the body of the toy, it can act as almost a hook to ensure snug contact on your orgasmic parts.
  • The standing lady: If you prefer to stand while taking care of your lady business, Ruby Glow can also be held against your intimate areas easily in one hand. This is useful if you are using the other to
    support yourself on a wall or balustrade.
  • Use through light clothing to increase friction. It is designed to be used though clothing but is made from skin safe silicon to enable full contact if you desire.

Ruby Glow is made by Rocks Off so you can be sure of the quality and dedication to your pleasure.

Pleasure for the seated lady