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Ruby Glow takes second place in the Good Housekeeping Annual Sex Toy Reviews!

As seen on This Morning
As seen on This Morning

Sex expert, Tracey Cox called the Ruby Glow ‘Revolutionary’  and ‘ideal for disabled users’ on ITV’s This Morning.

Article by Violet Fenn in the Metro: Disability shouldn’t limit your sex life – here are some of the sex toy industry’s most innovative solutions

User reviews

“The perfect portable sex machine for creating an erotic experience and setting the mood for the rest of the evening. Practically speaking the Ruby Glow also has great applications for those can’t use penetrative toys, cam girls who want to put on a saddle show, people who prefer reaching orgasm while seated, and those with mobility issues. In fact I absolutely adore the Ruby Glow’s tagline because it’s inclusive of all of these groups—‘Pleasure for the seated lady’—love it!” Emmeline Peaches Reviews – full review

“Yes it looks unlike any vibrator I’ve seen before, and yes, there’s something distinctly odd about sitting upright in a chair whilst wriggling on what basically looks like a very elegant doorstop, BUT IT REALLY WORKS.”  Violet Fenn, Sex, Death, Rock’n’Roll

“I’m a novelist and I write a lot of sexy scenes. The Ruby Glow means I can keep on writing, take care of business, and keep on smiling.” KD Grace, ETO  Erotic Writer of the Year 2014

“As this is a toy that you can sit on, imagine how good it is for people who can’t use their hands or wrists properly, or have limited mobility. The Ruby Glow has made it possible for people who can’t use a lot of vibrators… to use!” That’s The Spot – full review

“An excellent hands-free orgasmic experience.” Lucy Felthouse – full review

“Ruby Glow gave me my first real big O in years.” A Ruby Glow user

“As an erotic writer, I can attest that the Ruby Glow delivers – hands free pleasure that’s comfortable and easy to use. I’m dedicating my next book to the Ruby Glow!”  Oleander Plume

“Beautiful, safe, innovative, versatile and easy to use. What more could you want in a toy?” Coffee and Kink – full review

“The Ruby Glow is a classy, unique and thoughtful way for the seated lady to ‘hit the spot’.” Ruby Glow user

“Overall, I absolutely adore the Ruby Glow. This isn’t just a sex toy for writers to use, this is a sex toy for those having a sexy Skype chat with a long distance lover, someone who struggles with low mobility and for those who can’t use penetrative sex toys because of gynaecological issues such as vaginismus. There are a lot of possibilities with this sex toy, except writing…. I have yet to write a complete sentence whilst using the Ruby Glow!” Melissa MacFarlane, Voluptasse – full review

“Now let’s talk straight – the Ruby Glow cut my O-Time by a THIRD. Yep. I think you need one, too…”  Ruby l’Ace, KnickerRockerGlory

“In summary: innovative. That is the word I would use to describe the Rocks Off Ruby Glow. It is something genuinely new.  In fact, there are so many possibilities to expand this line: materials, shapes, size, charging options, I could see this becoming a full range!” Supercutesecret, Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel – full review

“As a disabled woman I would be delighted to see more toys giving some thought to those less able physically but no less desiring of sexual enjoyment and have enjoyed reviewing The Ruby Glow in part from that perspective. I will certainly be looking to review other toys with an eye to use by the disabled in the future.” Kerrie Lacy – full review

“I am able to get started and ready for a great orgasm using the Ruby Glow. It doesn’t make me orgasm straight away which is perfect. Instead of rushing things the Ruby Glow builds me up to orgasm slowly and then bam! Orgasm central.” Kim, Kinky Kitten Kim – full review

With clothes on, you can still saddle-up and enjoy yourself – another benefit I like for when I’m in a hurry or just want to do something a little different. Slutty Girl Problems

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